The reason behind this site

I'm a hard-worker, and I love working on my own projects because I put a lot of meaning into them. I am pretty hardcore with this (probably too much) and I hate wasting time.

I started 2016 jobless as I quit my previous work in a University in order to work full-time on my projects, but during the summer of 2016 time flew, and nothing happened.

I want to know why.

My non-willingness to track my time precisely (ironically because this is wasting my time) and my non-existent memory make it hard to answer that question. So I built this site.

The homepage is there to remind me of what I'm currently doing, where I spent my time and energy. This should reflect my current priorities. If it doesn't, something is wrong and I need to adjust or my list, or the way I am living my life.

The history page hopefully works as a quick timeline of the evolution of my priorities, and the insights coming from it hopefully will help me fine-tune how I handle my time, and trim the fat.