Projects where I spend—or have spent—a big chunk of my time and energy, for or open to the public

Projects I currently work on
  • Sleeplessmind Ltd.: My company. This is where I make money, mostly through developing and designing software.
  • Vim binding for the whole macOS.
  • click on macOS through your keyboard.
  • scroll on macOS through your keyboard lol.
  • Tiki Wiki: THE Tiki Wiki. Currently most of the paid time spent developing for my company is about Tiki Wiki, the community, and its clients.
  • This is where I dump my head when I can't think straight. Started because of insomnia, I add now some panic attacks output, or other heavy feelings things. Another one of my life project.
  • Alfred Workflows: Developed a couple of workflows, and classes to help build workflows in PHP (ScriptFilter, Config) and Swift (ScriptFilter, Updater)
  • Dash docsets: Built a couple of docsets for Tailwind CSS, Chart.js and Webpack. To generate those docs, I built... a builder:
  • Others: Lots of sub-projects for all of the projects above, plus open-source ones
Projects done or in the limbo
  • [DONE] — MyUSJ: Developed and designed a University Management System for a Macau University from 2008 to 2015. Continued minimal maintenance of the system for the 2nd semester of 2015/2016 as a freelancer. Full maintenance hanlded through my company Sleeplessmind Ltd until July 2019.
  • [LIMBO] — Vocabulary-Builder: Something I made and was using personally to record and train new vocabulary. Opened it for anyone to register, and use.
  • [LIMBO] — Macau PAG Toastmasters: An extension of From OK to Great, I joined Toastmasters to do speeches about psychology, phylosophy, mindsets and beliefs. No time for the time being.
  • [DECEASED] — From OK to Great: This has evolved towards becoming I Was Just Thinking.
  • [LIMBO] — Daily Cuckoo: This is my first project about helping people with emotional issues, it went into hiatus last year, I am reviving it but it is still slightly hibernating as my time is limited and I need input from Twitter users.
  • [LIMBO] — Forget the G: Multiple art projects involving music, video, and theatre performances. Within These Walls, 2010. I See You Watching Me While I'm Watching You, 2012.
  • [DONE] — WhyOceans: Compose, record, release, tour for 4 years. Post-Rock. You can buy or listen to At Land album online
  • [DONE] — Macau Toastmasters Conference: The Disctrict 89 Fall Conference will happen in Macau from the 4th to the 6th of November 2016. (Success!!!)
  • [DONE] — And probably a bunch of others that I forgot.