I'm bad with the past

I have a hard time remembering the past. The truth is that my brain is small, I have no much memory, and I have no incentive to keep track of my previous work. What for? I can't see any valid reason. I learn from what I did, but I stop there. It's always a pain for me to write resumes, because I don't have any idea of what I did. So I don't write any. I try a lot of different things, I work on a lot of different projects, but I don't keep track of what I have been doing. I know I have been painting, doing music, climbing rocks for months, I have been traveling for years, touring for live performances, read books for weeks without moving, learning languages, meeting people. I do no try to keep a solid track. I just learn from the past, and use it in my present.

But I always try to take care of 4 area everyday: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. This mindset crystallized after reading The Power of Full Engagement by Tony Schwartz.

So apart from the projects listed, this is what I currently do everyday to take care of those 4 areas:

  • Physical: swimming, yoga, climbing, bodyweight exercises, cook whole food
  • Mental: read psychology/philosophy, write everyday for From OK to Great, sleeplessmind.info or just myself, code
  • Emotional: talk with friends, consciously read or watch things that are in "have to" list, cook, write, experiment new things
  • Spiritual: meditate, be grateful for the luck I have had in life