Hi. My name is Guillaume Leclerc, Maurice Bernard. I was born in France. I left from 12 to 16 to go live on an island, I went back, then I left again from 24 to [still undefined] to go discover the East. I'm now 37, I live in Macau, and...

...here is what I'm currently and consciously doing with my limited time on Earth...

  • developed and released the Dash documentations of Tailwind CSS, Jigsaw by Tighten, and Laravel Zero
  • well, to produce the above documentations I built a Dash Docset Builder in PHP. It's open source and free and you can use it to build your own Dash docset easily: https://github.com/godbout/dash-docset-builder
  • been climbing 4 times a week. Greatly improved on footwork
  • back to swimming, 2 hours 5 times a week. Greatly improved my skin tan
  • working on the management system of the University of Saint Joseph, one of my clients
  • usual reading of psychology, philosophy, a bit of fiction, a few books about programming and software architecture
  • started exploring (again) Tiki for potential use for clients, and joining the community