Hi. My name is Guillaume Leclerc, Maurice Bernard. I was born in France. I left from 12 to 16 to go live on an island, I went back, then I left again from 24 to [still undefined] to go discover the East. I'm now 40, I live during the hot season in Macau, and...

...here is what I'm currently and consciously doing with my limited time on Earth...

  • freezing my balls of in Macau. French gov still no solution to renew passport remotely. stuck since April 2020
  • working full-time on kindaVim, Vim moves for the whole macOS, in input fields and non input fields. beta released in November 2021
  • weekly meetings with client, regarding Tiki Wiki
  • periodic lunches/dinners in small committees
  • listening to podcasts
  • cooking
  • trying to eat at least three meals a day in that fucking cold weather