Hi. My name is Guillaume Leclerc, Maurice Bernard. I was born in France. I left from 12 to 16 to go live on an island, I went back, then I left again from 24 to [still undefined] to go discover the East. I'm now 40, I live during the hot season in Macau, and...

...here is what I'm currently and consciously doing with my limited time on Earth...

  • still in some kind of lockdown after a month. everything closed including THE SEA. getting arrested if you're outside for something else than groceries
  • planning the escape from Macau, for around Oct/Nov. it's been a good 14 years of summer here. unlivable now. the zero Covid policies bring complete uncertainty. can't work, can't get coffee outside, can't work out, can't hike, can't swim.
  • working full-time on kindaVim, Vim motions for the whole macOS. 56 subscribers now!
  • preparing for the first alpha release of Wooshy. it's like Alfred but for the UI. search the UI and click
  • built an Alfred Workflow Wooshy: Window to the Foreground! so that you can switch app windows, as with Alfred you can only switch apps. made to be used with Wooshy, in order to bring windows to the foreground so that you can target its UI elements.
  • cooking, working out at home