Hi. My name is Guillaume Leclerc, Maurice Bernard. I was born in France. I left from 12 to 16 to go live on an island, I went back, then I left again from 24 to [still undefined] to go discover the East. I'm now 35, I live in Macau, and...

...here is what I'm currently and consciously doing with my limited time on Earth...

  • working on my company Sleeplessmind Ltd. itself: website (server, dev, design, logo), social media accounts, paperwork
  • working on the management system of the University of Saint Joseph, one of my clients
  • improving Alfred-Time workflow for Alfred (handling Toggl and/or Harvest timers without friction)
  • adding forums and other design work for the site of From OK to Great
  • learning Portuguese, 3 times a week, 1.5hr each class
  • Preparing and performing speeches at PAG Toastmasters Club Macau
  • reading non-fiction to write and get better at writing for From OK to Great, and more and more simply to get better at life
  • start climbing again 3 times a week to prepare for some climbing in France between June and July!
  • meeting people, building connections