Hi. My name is Guillaume Leclerc, Maurice Bernard. I was born in France. I left from 12 to 16 to go live on an island, I went back, then I left again from 24 to [still undefined] to go discover the East. I'm now 39, I live during the hot season in Macau, and...

...here is what I'm currently and consciously doing with my limited time on Earth...

  • being stuck in Macau as my passport is expired and the French Embassy in HK can't issue a new one (need to go there, can't go there, rinse and repeat)
  • reading with coffee, lately more biographies and light philosophical fictions; less psychology/deep philosophy as no much time and energy to dig into serious subjects
  • swimming 1.5km in the sea a couple of times a week (4/5)
  • climbing; back to climbing gym and bouldering to train for better sport climbing (still sucking it's unbelievable)
  • weekly meetings with client, regarding Tiki Wiki
  • released several libraries and Workflows in Swift for Alfred
  • working on kindaVim.app
  • periodic lunches/dinners one to one with friends
  • cooking